Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Oh Boy Today...

Today started out great. I am re-upholstering four chrome and brunt orange office chairs to go with a shabby chic table. We have already put a new coat of chrome on the chairs. The other day I bought a lovely vintage white channel bed spread to cover up the beautiful brunt orange.

The bottom cushions of the chairs went great. It was one of those perfect times when you totally love what you do. It is sunny and beautiful outside, I love my big fancy scissors, my big white shabby chic table to work on, my pearl top pins, well you get the picture. All these things make me smile.

 I get two of the backs done and then..... My sewing machine stops working right. I take it a part and clean it. Still not working right. Call my mom, try the different things she says. Break another needle. Walk a way. Hopefully it will work when I go back to it, I will let you know.

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