Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A funny story on the way to the beach

Just a little story that I can laugh at now, but when it happened, well NOT A CHANCE.

We left Joplin on Tuesday, September 5th. Early, 5 am. Everything was going great. This was my view.

The back of the Uhaul truck and trailer. Yup, at the last minute I still had tooooo many treasurers for a truck alone. We had to go back and pick up a trailer to pull too. Love you honey.

Around 1:30 we just crossed into Tennessee and Chad got a blowout on the Uhaul truck. He did a great job of pulling into the large pull out on the side. At that time I was actually in front of him and could see things coming out of the truck. He looked underneath the truck and my painted antique filing cabinet was falling out the bottom of the truck. I loved that thing. When the blowout happened the rubber came up and punched a hole into the floor of the truck. We called Uhaul and they sent out a tire repair guy. Awesome, he fixed it but he was not here to fix the hole. So we went to the nearest town and called again. They had a 24 hour repair company call to let me know that their repair guy would be giving me a call. He called. This 24 hour repair guy calls and says well its getting late in the day. I should just go and get a piece of plywood and lay it on top of the hole. Right, with rain coming. Well maybe he will pick some wood up and bring it out to me. Right. Well he would call a friend of his and ask him what he thought and give me a call back. The whole time on the phone his kids were fighting in the background and he kept saying hold on. I called his dispatcher and Uhaul explained and they both said sorry and would have someone else take care of it. Oh and by the way it is 100 degrees out. This is where you can fill in some words that you can imagine what I used. I got a phone call. A phone call from a woman. The repair man's girlfriend. Okay. She cussed me out and said that her old man did not cuss me out. Did I say he did? No! She went on and on. And so I simply said  ........................................................................................................................................................
Seriously! And hung up. Promptly called dispatcher and Uhaul back. Said they better get someone else out and I was moving to a new location. Away from where the girlfriends knows about. Finally another repair guy came out. We pulled out the back half where the hole was. Man, I lost my file cabinet, some pottery, some blankets. And my love seat was not looking so great.

Grease was everywhere. So 8pm we were ready to go again. NOT. Hotel time and a shower.
The rest of the trip went great. We arrived at the beach a day later than we wanted but that's okay. We were alive and well. It was only material things we lost. God was watching over us.

This was the our first look at the beach, it was raining and beautiful. Hurricane Lesley was sending in the waves. The fall is the best time in the Outer Banks for surfing and fishing. We are going to have a blast at the beach.


  1. Holy smokes! I cannot believe this happened to you! Will UHaul pay for your damaged goods?? I'm glad you made it safe and sound...but geeze.

  2. We are working on it. I hope so, we did get the extra insurance. Thanks Danni

  3. That's crazy! So glad you made it ok.